StopBleed Introduction


What is StopBleed m•doc™?m doc mdoc logo

StopBleed m•doc™ is the only brand specified for haemostatic.


  • Stops bleeding fast
  • Reduced risk of renewed bleeding
  • Avoid infections
  • Helps wound heal
  • pH balanced, hypoallergenic & biocompatible
  • Natural; derived from cotton
  • No adverse effects or contraindications
  • For all ages

How StopBleed m•doc™ works?

animated gif of stopbleed m.doc

When m•doc™ comes in contact with the wound, a gel-like layer is formed and covers the wound. The gel-like layer reduces renewed bleeding and allows the clot to remain on the wound without it being washed off by blood.

stopbleed m.doc gel image

Why StopBleed m•doc™ ?

StopBleed m•doc™

  • stops bleeding almost immediately, once applied
  • prevent viruses and bacteria from entering the blood stream, thus avoiding infections
  • avoids infections
  • has no chemical reaction when used with Iodine, Lysol, etc, as its derived from cotton
  • is safe for all ages