A Novel synergistic composition of two botanical extracts for weight management.

sphaeranthus indicus image

Sphaeranthus Indicus (LI125)

One of the extracts used in MERATRIM is from this natural Ayurvedic herb, the ‘Sphaeranthus Indicus’ one of most potent inhibitor of lipid accumulation in pre-adipocyte cells.

mangosteen fruits alpha mangostin gamma mangostin

Garcinia mangostana
(Alpha-mangostin & Gamma-mangostins)

Alpha-mangostin and Gamma-mangostin is known to possess powerful antioxidant properties.

mangostin sphaeranthus indicus synergy

The Synergy of MERATRIM

The extracts of both the Sphaeranthus indicus and Garcinia mangostana  are combined in a ratio 3:1.

How does MERATRIM work?

MERATRIM inhibits fat accumulation by down-regulating the cellular differentiation process via modulation of important adipogenic factors. In addition, MERATRIM also reduces intracellular fat by breaking it down to glycerol and mobilizing it through the cell membrane.It is also a potent natural supplement for control of diabetes, cardiovascular and other metabolic disorders.

How does MERATRIM benefit weight loss?

MERATRIM shows its effects by modulating adipogenesis and lipolysis, and key metabolic markers such as adiponectin. MERATRIM significantly reduces serum cholesterol and triglycerides , and improves HDL/LDL ratio.

In Clinical studies, forty obese subjects chosen for a randomized double blind placebo controlled study, received 800 mg/day of MERATRIM in two divided doses. The first effects of MERATRIM can be observed as early as 14 days into consumption. At the end of an eight week study period, MERATRIM has shown significant net reductions in body weight and Body Mass Index(BMI), waist and hip circumferences. Effects of MERATRIM was validated further in a second randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, clinical study in 60 obese human subjects and achieved similar results.