ORALMEDIC® Introduction


What is ORALMEDIC®?oralmedic logo

ORALMEDIC® is a new revolutionary treatment for mouth ulcers containing the patented ingredient HybenX™.

oralmedic product image

HybenX™ formlua selectively removes damaged oral tissues from the ulcer area.


ORALMEDIC is the only fast-acting treatment for ulcers in the world. Stops canker and mouth ulcers in 5 to 10 SECONDS!

How does ORALMEDIC work?
before oralmedic mouth ulcer

  • Damaged tissue is
    located within the
    ulcer covering the
    site of the infection


image oralmedic application

  • ORALMEDIC selectively
    removes damaged tissue
  • ORALMEDIC rapidly
    extracts water from the site

after oralmedic on mouth ulcer

  • ORALMEDIC’s unique formula reacts with
    the damaged tissue causing it to coagulate
  • This creates a seal over the ulcer which:
    • Prevents contamination and aids healing
    • Provides pain relief as nerve endings are covered

Who can use ORALMEDIC®?

Anyone! ORALMEDIC is suitable for all ages.