Sinomarin® Introduction


sinomarin hypertonic sea water nasal decongestionSinomarin® is a complete line of natural hypertonic sea water solutions which are both effective and safe in treating rhinitis of different aetiology. With its patented formula of 70% sea water and NaCl concentration of 2.3% Sinomarin® offers decongestant effects, removes excess water from the oedematous nasal mucosa and provides for faster and more effective decongestion of the nasal cavity.

Why Sinomarin®?

Sinomarin® is all natural and does not contain preservatives or any other additional chemical compounds, which makes it safe for use even in vulnerable groups of patients such as:

  • newly born infants
  • pregnant and lactating women
  • patients with diabetes
  • patients suffering from hyperthyroidism
  • patients with hypertension or coronary heart disease
  •  persons taking antidepressants or blood pressure medicine
  •  patients with glaucoma or prostatic hyperplasia

Sinomarin® also enchances the action of pharmaceutical nasal treatments, helps decrease treatment duration and may lead to reduced intake of these medicines.

How does Sinomarin® work?

Sinomarin® protect the user from nasal infections, helps reduce nasal congestion, has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. The spray’s delicate mist helps in cleaning the nasal cavity from excess mucous, inflammation mediators, crusts, pollen and dust. Due to osmosis, Sinomarin® also removes excess water, reduces the oedema of nasal mucosa and provides faster and more effective decongestion of the nasal cavity.

When to use Sinomarin®?

  • In common colds and infections
  • In rhinitis of different aetiology
  • In sinusitis
  • During recovery from Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) surgery
  • In rhinitis caused by pharmaceutical products
  • As adjacent therapy in patients taking antihistamines, corticosteroids
  • In case of exposure to high concentrations of pollen and dust